Backup roll 165t

Backup roll 165t

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169 700 kg (net weight is 165 ton)

Blank of backup roll of plate mill for final mechanical treatment with weight 169.7 ton (net weight is 165 ton) for Laiwu Steel Group (China) under order of ThyssenKrupp Materials France.
Rolls’ overall length is approximately 10 m, body diameter is more than 2 m.

Steel grade

High metal quality is presented by the following figures:
* the content of detrimental impurities in steel not alloyed with the given agents:
- Sulphur (S) no more than 0.005%.
- Phosphoros (P) no more than 0.010 %.

* gas content after vacuum degassing:
- Oxygen (O) 30 ppm.
- Hydrogen (H) no more than 1.5 ppm
- Nitrogen (N) no more than 70 ppm

Production process

1. Melting in electric arc furnace
2. Refining
3. Bottom pouring or Vacuum pouring
4. Forgings
5. Heat treatment
6. Machining