Casting and Forgings

Supply reference list

Orders made by the labor collective Energomashspetsstal, in many respects unique, made in time and excellent quality.

The EMSS specializes in manufacture of special cast and forged details of individual and small serial production:
hollow forging, forged shell, lathe ppm, hercules lathe, steam turbine, bottom generator, forging ingots, runner hub, backup rolls, mill rolls manufacturers, big rotor, eccentric shaft, furnace, ip turbine, milling machine parts

Rotor 97600kg
Hydro shaft 90,360t
Hydro shaft
Shaft 64,0t
Roller 8,05t
Rotor 12,8t
Sphere 13,925t
Disk 5,3t
Casing 42t
Shell 50t
Ring 12,5t
Rotor turbine
Rotor 25,5t
blank 5,1t
Blank 4,6t
Заготовка колена
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Back-up roll 225t (from ingot of 415t)
Back-up roll on roll-turning machine Herkules
Drive roll 9,65-52,3t
Drive roll
Валок рабочий
Work roll 26,350t
Валок опорный
Work roll 39,8t
Work roll 16,8t
Roll 10,9t
Spade 6,21t
Work Roll
Roll 17,0t
Work Roll 16,0t
Roll 25,6t
Mill roll 58,6t
Mill roll
Backup roll
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