In PJSC "EMSS" the corporate system of electronic flow of documents started to work

Do you know, what method of payment call the most expensive? Time. It – one of the main concepts of philosophy and physics – is a criterion of value of the events. In PJSC "EMSS" specialists could make so that time worked at them. Specialists of Management of information technologies (MIT) of the enterprise developed system of electronic flow of documents. Read more

New era of production of grades of high-alloyed stainless of steel has been started at EMSS

The process of implementation of technology of vacuum-oxygen decarburization of steel (VOD) has been successfully completed at PJSC “EMSS”. The first melting of high-alloyed stainless steel of grade 20Х13 has been successfully fulfilled on the 4th of June 2012 within the frames of providing of hot test procedure of VOD-process. This date can be by rights considered as the beginning of new production era of grades of high-alloyed stainless steel at our enterprise. Read more

The first seamless shell-ring for branch-pipes area of nuclear reactor body is manufactured at EMSS for the first time in Ukraine

In June 2012, the experts of PJSC “Energomashspetsstal”, OJSC SPA “TSNIITMASH”, and OJSC “Pertozavodskmash” (included in OJSC “Atomenergomash” group of companies) performed the operation of stamping of branch-pipes, applying new multipurpose accessories. The result of manufacturing success was the manufacturing of products, being unique for Ukraine – seamless shell-ring for branch-pipes area of nuclear reactor body. Read more

Energomashspetsstal-workers took part in «a marathon young and perspective»

On June 1-2 on the recreation facility "Seagull" located in the Moscow region, passed the I Divisional meeting of young specialists of the enterprises of JSC Atomenergomash. Leaders of youth movements of the enterprises of a division, and also representatives of HR services of holding took part in a meeting. Association of youth movements and an exchange of experience became a main objective of action.

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Information Day at EMSS

The 3d information day was held on the 6th of June at EMSS, it was held at conference-hall of Administrative Building -1. Along with our enterprise, this event provides the dialogue between employees of enterprises of OJSC “Atomenergomash” and the entire branch.

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EMSS – Sumskoye machine building scientific and production union, named for Frunze

PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” continues to enlarge its booked orders with a lot of enterprises of Ukraine within the frame of cooperation and business development. The immediate and important link in development of enterprise is the close cooperation with leading manufacturers-companies in the sphere of power industry.

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The 10th medal of the IIId grade “Glory of EMSS” Award

In 2008 the chief executives of PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” jointly with trade union committee has taken a decision about award of the best experts of the plant by honorary badges, verifying the recognition of their merits before the enterprise. The medal “Glory of PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” of the first, second and third grades became one of these badges, the third grade is the highest merit badge at the enterprise.

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High quality of product requires consolidation of efforts

The business meeting of chiefs of quality control departments of enterprises of control circuit of OJSC “Atomenergomash”, State Corporation “Rosatom”, FSUP MD “Bezopasnost” was held at OJSC “Atomenergomash” sine 29th till 30th of May. The reports from enterprises about achievements in the sphere of quality assurance were represented at the meeting; the problems of technical regulation and estimation of products conformity were indicated.

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