Statement of environmental impact of steel melting shop reconstruction at JSC "EMSS"

Technical and economical assessment of   "Steel melting shop reconstruction" at JSC "EMSS" was developed according to technical design assessment, confirmed by General Director of JSC "EMSS" - by Efimov M.V.

Steel melting shop reconstruction includes following:

- installation of new 70t steel melting furnace;
- installation of new ladle furnace for steel teeming ladle of capacity 140t;
- construction of steel vacuum treatment unit;
- construction of vertical and horizontal units for drying and heating of ladles and other accessories;
- construction of new gas cleaning unit;
- decommissioning of electric arc urnace-50 and electric arc furnace-100 (the second electric arc furnace-100, ladle-furnace and steel degassing unit are left as a reserve ); 
- reconstruction of auxiliary departments and utilities.  

As a result of reconstruction the air pollutant emissions will be reduced by:
- nitrogen oxides - 11,36 t/year;
- carbon oxides - 42,253 t/year;
- sulfide anhydride - 5,532 t/year;
- suspended materials  - 501,568 t/year.

Maximum value of background air pollution including emissions of JSC "EMSS" according to Donetsk region hydrometeorology center 1651 dd. 04.09.2007, makes:
- nitrogen oxides - 7,68 MAC;
- carbon oxides - 1,34 MAC;
- sulfide anhydride - 0,1 MAC;
- suspended material - 2,81 MAC.

After reconstruction the maximum level of emission near sanitary protection zone will be:
- nitrogen oxides - 1,62 MAC;
- carbon oxides - 0,48 MAC;
- sulfide anhydride- 0,07 MAC;
- suspended material- 0,85 MAC.

Noise level, originated by the equipment does not exceed acceptable values.

Vibration, originated during equipment operation is qualified as III category and does not exceed equivalent level of vibration speed - 80dB, vibration acceleration - 40dB.

Electromagnetic emission is missing.

On the basis of performed Environmental impact assessment the following conclusion has been drawn: complying with all requirements of technical and economic assessment realization the reconstruction of steel melting shop is possible and environmentally safe.

Liabilities for realization of design choices, made according to rules and standards of environmental low and requirements of environmental security on all stages of reconstruction are undertaken by enterprise administration.