The foundry processes include modern methods of calculating the hot top, gate systems, and metal solidifying directed by casting section. Antioxidant medium created in the mold and gas free moulds and cores allow to produce high density castings. The castings undergo non-destructive testing such as die-penetrant testing, magnetic particle test and ultrasonic test.

Castings production incorporates:

Due to high capabilities of foundry facilities it has become possible to produce castings of carbon steel, high alloy castings and low alloy castings (steel grade 15L, 20L, 25L, 30L, 35L, 20GSL, 20GML, 35HML, 08GDNFL, 12X18H9TL, 06X12H3DL, 10X13HDL, 15X1m1FL, 110G13L, 150XHML, etc), grey iron and high-strength cast iron (SCHI-1, SCHI-2, VCH-40, VCH-45, etc.).

The castings undergo various types of heat treatment such as annealing, tempering, normalization with tempering, quenching and tempering to achieve set values of mechanical properties, and structure, and stress-relieving.

Main castings types include:

And added to these are the variety of methods and tools used for continuous development and improvement of casting production process, including LVMFlow, professional computer system of modifying casting processes.