The production capabilities of "Energomashspetsstal" steel making shop melting shop allow to ensure casting process of up to 420 tons steel forged ingots, up to 300 tons steel and cast-iron castings produced of carbon, low alloyed, alloyed, high alloyed corrosion resisting, constructional and casting steel grades, grey and high-strength cast iron and compacted graphite iron.

The production capability of the arc-furnace melting shop is supported by the following equipment:

Depending on the final product requirements, steel melting process incorporates melting in the electric arc furnace, secondary refining using Ladle furnace and vacuum degassing followed by vacuum top pouring or air bottom pouring with ensuring metal stream protection from the secondary oxidization. Various methods and processes, such as silicon free bulk deoxidization, vacuum carbon deoxidization (VCD) in the ladle and in the stream during pouring as well as argon blowing, wire addition and microalloying, are successfully implemented into practice to ensure and maintain high quality of metal.

Production capabilities together with advanced operational control facilities and modern production technology allow to meet customers'demands and ensure high quality products.

High metal quality is presented by the following figures:

To ensure and maintain the constant supply of the arc- furnace shop with the furnace charge the charge preparation site is equipped with the shearing press made by AKROS, France.