Machining division of "Energomashspetsstal" comprises of wide range of modern cutting and grinding equipment including lathe units, boring and turning mills, gear-milling machines etc.

Thread-turning machines allow to effectively machine workpieces with diameter up to 4 000 mm, length up to 24 000 mm, weight up to 200 tons with accuracy degree of 9. Machining units with digitally operated control system allow to achieve the accuracy degree of 7 to 8 and produce formed surfaces with diameter up to 1 850 mm, length up to 12 500 mm, and weight up to 100 tons.

The wide range of products incorporates a variety of rolls, plungers, shafts, rotors etc. Annual production volume of mill rolls exceeds 5 000 tons.

Production capacity

Vertical lathe units are used for machining workpieces with diameter up to 6 300 mm and height up to 5 000mm, max.weight up to 125 tons. High production capabilities allow to machine spherical and taper surfaces, shells for nuclear power stations as well as wide range of workpieces such as shafts, thrustblocks, rings, bands etc.

Advanced boring units with digital operating system ensure high quality machining of various complex workpieces with length up to 32 000 mm and height up to 5 000 mm.


Grinding is used for roll surfaces and other pieces with accuracy degree of 6-7 and max. diameter up to 1 600 mm, length up to 8 000 mm and max weght of 75 tons. Advanced deep-boring equipment ensures high quality boring with diameter up to 700 mm, length up to 12 500 mm of up to 70 tons pieces. Continuous modernization and enhancement of bandsaw machining units ensures accurate cutoff operations, measuring cutting operations with shafts and plates and sample taking processes. The facilities are also supported by staff expertise and knowledge of cutting the section of 1300 mm to 1600mm with the part length up to 16 000 mm.

Machining unit TOS KURIM
Tos Kurim Operation desk 3x10m
Lifting capacity 100 tons
Operation desk 2x8m
Lifting capacity 50 tons

The facilities are also presented by the expertise and knowledge in final machining of the shafts, rolls and plates.

Cutting eguipment (introduced in 2009-2010)

Mill type Quantity, units Diameter, mm (min/max) Length, mm (min/max) Lifting capacity
Roll lathe "Hercules" mod. NWD 1500x18000CNC 1 2800 18000 300t
Roll grinding machine "Hercules" mod. UWS 600x90x8000CNC 1 1850 8000 90t
Lathe mod. 1675FZ 1 1850 12500 100t
Lathe mod. 1675FZ 2 1850 16000 100t
Lathe mod. KG16165FZ 1 2000 8000 25t
Deepboring "TACCHI" mod. 110-S/1250x1800CNC 1 2500 18000 200t
Horizontal-boring "SKODA" mod. W250FZ 2 250 X=5000, Y=32000 platen 60t, floor plate 300t
Deepboring, China mod. TS21100 1 2000 10000 50t
Boring and turning mill, China mod. DVT 800-50/250CNC 1 8000 H=5000 250t
Boring and turning mill, Kolomna mod. KU-64F1 1 6300 H=5000 160t
Bed type mill mod. 6640FZ 1 4000x4000 12000 150t
Band mill with moving bridge, SOITAAB, Italy 1 3000x3000 7000 280t