1. Energomashspetsstal performs an order for the rolls production for AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS PJSC 05.12.2017

2. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine awarded the employees of Energomashspetsstal 26.10.2017

3. Energomashspetsstal shipped journals for ore-pulverizing mill to Ingulets Iron Ore Enrichment Works 02.10.2017

4. Employees of EMSS won prizes in the First Marathon “Our Kramatorsk” 28.09.2017

5. Energomashspetsstal took part in a major international exhibition of wind power equipment in Germany 28.09.2017

6. Employees of EMSS were awarded with Honorary Diplomas of the Ukrainian Parliament of Ukraine 27.09.2017

7. At EMSS on the occasion of Machine Builders Day awarded the best employees of the enterprise 25.09.2017

8. Energomashspetsstal took part in the trade mission to promote exports to India 21.09.2017

9. Energomashspetsstal continues to supply products to ArcelorMittal enterprises 20.09.2017

10. The competition of professional skills revealed the best specialists of EMSS 18.09.2017

11. At Energomashspetsstal new peripheral milling machine is installed 13.09.2017

12. Energomashspetsstal will complete an order of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol (MMKI) for the supply of rollers 11.09.2017

13. Energomashspetsstal confirmed its readiness to become a supplier for the Hanhikivi-1 NPP 08.09.2017

14. Energomashspetsstal will produce backup rolls for ArcelorMittal 07.09.2017

15. Energomashspetsstal veterans will receive payments to Machine Builders Day 29.08.2017

16. Energomashspetsstal confirmed compliance with the standard 22.08.2017

17. Energomashspetsstal supplied rollers to Poland 17.08.2017

18. Energomashspetsstal received a new order for the rolls supply to metallurgical complex “Azovstal” 17.08.2017

19. Energomashspetsstal will supply a batch of slag ladles to the Hungarian metallurgical plant Dunafferr 14.08.2017

20. Energomashspetsstal shipped 170 tons of rolls to the Mariupol Metals Plant 09.08.2017

21. Energomashspetsstal shipped to Germany large-sized hammer housing 08.08.2017

22. 15 000 tf press was commissioned 35 years ago in pressing forging shop of EMSS 07.08.2017

23. Energomashspetsstal fulfills the order of ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog for the supply of mill rolls 04.08.2017

24. Energomashspetsstal manufactured and shipped the rotor for the Indian company BHEL 03.08.2017

25. Energomashspetsstal will supply 250 tons of products to Germany 31.07.2017

26. Energomashspetsstal will manufacture and supply to the Polish plant ELTECH the parts for power equipment 20.07.2017

27. EMSS successfully passed an audit of the energy management system ISO 50001 15.07.2017

28. Parts from the blanks of the EMSS will be installed at the Dniester Pumped Storage Power Station 13.07.2017

29. EMSS took part in the exhibition POWER-GEN Europe 2017 06.07.2017

30. Energomashspetsstal manufactured rolls for MMC named after Ilyich 04.07.2017

31. Specialists of PJSC “EMSS” became winners and laureates of the regional contest “Young Man of the Year 2017” 23.06.2017

32. Specialists of Energomashspetsstal took part in international foundry exhibits “Metallurgy 2017” and “Litmash 2017” 20.06.2017

33. Energomashspetsstal pays special attention to environmental issues 15.06.2017

34. Energomashspetsstal awarded for transparency and openness 12.06.2017

35. On Energomashspetsstal summed up the contest for the best offer in the energy conservation 09.06.2017

36. EMSS have got the jubilee heat 08.06.2017

37. Energomashspetsstal will fulfill an order for the Indian company BHEL 01.06.2017

38. PJSC “EMSS’s” staff of the press forging shop celebrated the 39th anniversary 31.05.2017

39. Energomashspetsstal fulfills the order for the manufacture of rolls for JSC Zaporizhstal 29.05.2017

40. Energomashspetsstal will manufacture 27 rolls for Azovstal Iron & Steel Works 25.05.2017

41. The high school students of the school № 19 visited PJSC Energomashspetsstal 24.05.2017

42. Energomashspetsstal became a participant of the great metallurgical fair Made in Steel 2017 24.05.2017

43. Energomashspetsstal manufactured rolls for ArcelorMittal Ostrava 23.05.2017

44. Deputies of Verkhovna Rada visited Energomashspetsstal 22.05.2017

45. Energomashspetsstal takes care of its veterans 19.05.2017

46. Energomashspetsstal involvedness in the International Industries Fair Made in Steel 2017 17.05.2017

47. Energomashspetsstal manufactures rolls for Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol (MMKI) 16.05.2017

48. Energomashspetsstal supplies rolls to European plants ArcelorMittal 12.05.2017

49. Annual shareholders meeting was held at Energomashspetsstal 27.04.2017

50. Сollective agreement conference of the personnel was held at Energomashspetsstal 26.04.2017