1. Energomashspetsstal will fulfill an order for the Indian company BHEL 01.06.2017

2. PJSC “EMSS’s” staff of the press forging shop celebrated the 39th anniversary 31.05.2017

3. Energomashspetsstal fulfills the order for the manufacture of rolls for JSC Zaporizhstal 29.05.2017

4. Energomashspetsstal will manufacture 27 rolls for Azovstal Iron & Steel Works 25.05.2017

5. The high school students of the school № 19 visited PJSC Energomashspetsstal 24.05.2017

6. Energomashspetsstal became a participant of the great metallurgical fair Made in Steel 2017 24.05.2017

7. Energomashspetsstal manufactured rolls for ArcelorMittal Ostrava 23.05.2017

8. Deputies of Verkhovna Rada visited Energomashspetsstal 22.05.2017

9. Energomashspetsstal takes care of its veterans 19.05.2017

10. Energomashspetsstal involvedness in the International Industries Fair Made in Steel 2017 17.05.2017

11. Energomashspetsstal manufactures rolls for Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol (MMKI) 16.05.2017

12. Energomashspetsstal supplies rolls to European plants ArcelorMittal 12.05.2017

13. Annual shareholders meeting was held at Energomashspetsstal 27.04.2017

14. Сollective agreement conference of the personnel was held at Energomashspetsstal 26.04.2017

15. Energomashspetsstal shipped parts for press equipment to Italy 24.04.2017

16. Energomashspetsstal manufactures rolls for Hungarian company Dunaferr 18.04.2017

17. Energomashspetsstal and Voestalpine signed a contract for the rolls supply 13.04.2017

18. Energomashspetsstal will manufacture equipment for Ingulets Mining Plant 12.04.2017

19. Specialists of Energomashspetsstal received international certificates of experts for mechanical tests for crack resistance 10.04.2017

20. Energomashspetsstal shipped the press table for ThyssenKrupp AG 06.04.2017

21. Energomashspetsstal shipped equipment to the Czech Republic 04.04.2017

22. Energomashspetsstal has completed the manufacture of equipment for the Indian NPP 03.04.2017

23. Energomashspetsstal will supply products to the EVRAZ metallurgical companies 28.03.2017

24. EMSS team “Phoenix” became the absolute champion of Kramatorsk on the game “What? Where? When?” 20.03.2017

25. At EMSS through to the proposal for improvement it was possible to save UAH 1,230,000 in the manufacture of manufacturing fixtures 17.03.2017

26. The annual cycle of excursions for schoolchildren and students started at EMSS 15.03.2017

27. “Energomashspetsstal” will supply ArcelorMittal work rolls 14.03.2017

28. At Energomashspetsstal staff training was conducted for nuclear safety requirements 13.03.2017

29. At EMSS was produced an ingot with a weight 415 tons to manufacture the shell of the rector’s corps for one of the nuclear power plants under construction 01.03.2017

30. At EMSS it was found a new way to save gas 22.02.2017

31. Female employees of Energomashspetsstal will receive premiums for 8th of March 21.02.2017

32. Energomashspetsstal will supply billets to Italy 16.02.2017

33. At EMSS it was put into operation the electronic system of approval of proposals for improvements 15.02.2017

34. Team of Press Forging Shop-1 won the Basketball plant competition of PJSC “EMSS” 14.02.2017

35. Energomashspetsstal will execute the order for France 13.02.2017

36. Energomashspetsstal signed contract with EVRAZ – DMZ for rolls supply 10.02.2017

37. Energomashspetsstal will supply billets to Germany 02.02.2017

38. Energomashspetsstal will produce working and back-up rolls for PJSC “ILYICH – STEEL” 01.02.2017

39. Employees of EMSS came with gifts to the pupils of the sponsored boarding school No.3 26.01.2017

40. EMSS team “Phoenix” became the champion of Kramatorsk of game “What? Where? When?” 23.01.2017

41. Energomashspetsstal has signed a contract for supply of a large batch of rolls 20.01.2017

42. Energomashspetsstal will deliver to Spain more than 1,000 tonnes of billets 18.01.2017

43. Ideas of EMSS’s employees allowed the company to save more than one million hryvnia 16.01.2017

44. EMSS employees helped renovate the gym of KVPMU 13.01.2017

45. Energomashspetsstal forges relationships with India 22.12.2016

46. Quality specialists of EMSS PJSC were certificated by the British Institute of Nondestructive Testing 21.12.2016

47. Energomashspetsstal took part in the trade mission to promote exports in East Africa 15.12.2016

48. Energomashspetsstal will supply blanks to Italy for mold tools and press dies 13.12.2016

49. Energomashspetsstal supplies blanks for die tooling to Germany 02.12.2016

50. New version of ISO 14001:2015 will be adopted at Environmental Management System of PJSC EMSS 01.12.2016