Furnaces with rolling out hearth

Name Qty (units) Lifting capacity, tons Dim, m Characteristics
LOECHER 1 350t 5,4x4x12,0 160-1100°C cnc control
CJSC "Termostal" 2 350t 5,3x3,2x11,5 160-1100°C cnc control
VNIPI "Teploproekt" 5 400t 5,0x3,8x12,0 160-950°C

Furnaces with vertical loading

Name Qty (units) Lifting capacity, tons Dimension, m Characteristics
CJSC "Termostal" 2 130t d=5,6 h=4,6 160-1100°C
cnc control
VNIPI "Teploproekt" 7 1units-70t
d=2,3 h=8,0
d=5,0 h=4,0
d=2,3 h=7,8

Quenching tanks

Tank Dimensions, meters Quenching medium
1 14x4x5 water
2 d=9 h=10 bischofite
3-4 5x5x5 water
5 d=6,4 h=10 oil
6 d=6,4 h=10 water
7 9,9x4,2x2,84 water, polymer

Mill rolls' differential heat treatment site

Furnace type Journal diameter Journal length Roll's total length Lifting capacity
Quickheating furnace 1200-1800 mm 2800 mm 85 t
Sprinkling unit max 2200 mm 5270 mm up to 11 m 240 t